He stares into a crowd of thousands of faces with confidence. Nas stands at his side as he grips the mic. There are no nerves, just the thought of excitement. “This is where I was supposed to be”.

The Hip Hop is Dead tour wasn’t the first time Succeed America’s Gentleman was in front of a big crowd though. Growing up in Fort Smith Arkansas, he attended church regularly and embraced his religious upbringing. By the age of eight, Succeed was a major part of his church choir, performing and amazing others with his voice. His passion for music grew into a love for words. Succeed started by writing poems as a form of expression and moved into hip hop. At the age of thirteen, he was performing at and winning talent shows. He was heavily influenced by such artists as: Nas, Scareface, MJG, The Geto Boys and Redman but discovered his own unique sound. Along with music, some of his passions were golf, basketball and a love for the ladies. Growing up, Succeed was tempted by the street life. His parents tried to keep him away from it but he frequently would hang with tough crowds, smoke marijuana and break the law.

At twenty, Succeed moved to Dallas to further his career and signed with Big Will Records. He performed at shows along with Lil Wayne, Big Krit, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Flo Rida and many others. Traveling the country, he never forgot his roots. Succeed wanted to put Arkansas on the map and represent for his state. He released three mixtapes as well as started a label called Phly Guy Society. Along with his right hand man Slope, they created the logo of an upside down bird flying which represents living lavish, smoking the finest and making money. Succeed says “If I wrote it, I lived it” all his lyrics are genuine and reflect his way of life. What sets him apart from others is migrating away from the typical thug persona and showcasing an upscale lifestyle. He believes you should be true to yourself, whether the camera is on you or not. Currently, Succeed is living between Las Vegas and Miami, expanding his label and growing an empire. 

Phly Guy Society